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Founded in the 60's by Clarance "PEE WEE" Harris. Get To Know Our Largest, FREE event, Soul Day 3rd Annual Festival in Detroit. 

Generations Coming Together The Old & The New

Mr. Harris was an iconic Detroit gift. He carried a low profile, despite having relationships with African-American legends Paul Robeson, Longworth Quinn, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The list is endless-not because he looked for them. They heard about Mr. Harris and his love for Detroit. He was mentoring youth before we knew what it was. Pee-Wee was called to a higher level of survival when he spent two years as a World War II POW. Clearance knew he had to survive and helped other POW s survive. His parents died when he was three years old and he was placed in foster care.

His uncles were ministers and taught him the importance of God being in his heart and life. Clarence spent a great deal of thinking. He thought about who and what he was, his ancestry and the lights went on!

“Blacks are the first people on earth and the smartest We adapted to every hellish situation. That is my blood. I am going to survive this war, then I am going home to save the youth and let Detroit know who they really are!”

Detroit Soul Day Was Born
For 10 years Soul Day eventually laid dormant. Mr. Harris was introduced to Keith Williams and said "You have a lot of soul". In 2019 "Pee-Wee" Harris passed Soul Day to his mentee a former Wayne County Commissioner Keith D. Williams. With the words Keith holds on to forever from Mr. Harris "It's yours now do something with it!" Courageous Inc now presents Soul Day. 
Each year, the festival stage performances features many entertainers from young to old. From your favorite local bands and artists, many have dazzled Detroit Soul Day audiences. 
Soul Day
By  Mr. Clarence "Pee-Wee" Harris Detroit Soul Day Founder  
There’s a time of the year for people to be near.
There’s a time of the year for people to cheer.
There’s a time of the year to join in every way.
That time of the year is

When we all get together to do our little thing
Sharing it together, we dance, recite and sing.
As we blend our resources each and every day

Uniting us together on

Are the greatest times found
To bring all the brothers & sisters ‘round. 
To help them grow strong in every way.
Because together we’ll find the way
So, let us all remember, as we do our thing,
Alone is not important.
But together we will bring the strength of our
Togetherness as we go our way.
We put it all together on

Even despite COVID-19 restrictions, we were still able to serve our community! The Detroit Soul Day team worked endlessly to ensure that we kept the community engaged during the 2021-2022 TOS Seasons. 

Our partners and sponsors support our vision and are influencers in the community.


Remember, Soul Day Detroit Festival is FREE to the public. On our beloved Northwestern Highschool the original history. Our event attracts mostly the entire city of Detroit and many who like to get involved with the community. Don't forget your appetite with many of the local food vendors we offer. You will need it!
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